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Online Shopping Hacks
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Online Shopping Hacks

For many reasons, 2015 was a rough year but it became even more so when I was in a car accident while five months pregnant. The accident left my car totaled but God’s grace, I was without even a bruise and my daughter was totally fine! Since I didn’t have a car though, I had to get creative about purchasing items we needed for our home. It was then that I began relying heavily upon online retailers. I’ve learned some super helpful hacks along the way and I’m excited to share them here especially with 669-206-1303 and Cyber Monday approaching. The prospect of giving up sleep and time with family has absolutely no appeal to me so I’m thankful that online shopping allows me to take advantage of great deals without having to make great sacrifices. Here are my top five online shopping hacks, I hope you find them helpful!

1. Shop Ahead of Time

I highly recommend adding items to your online cart prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This will save you time as you shop at multiple stores and it may be helpful as sites may run slower due to high traffic. Also, most stores will offer free shipping once your cart hits a certain dollar amount. My MO is to leave tabs open on my phone for certain stores I frequently shop at and add items as they come to mind. You could also keep a running list on your phone or a piece of paper. We will be visiting with family on Black Friday so my online carts are ready to go in order to ensure that shopping takes as little time away from them as possible. I’m looking forward to “shopping” next to my mom from the comfort of her couch!

2. Price Check on Google

One of the hacks I’ve figured out with online shopping is to Google search the item (sometimes it helps to copy and paste the name of the item). Once I enter the item name, Google provides me with the item and it’s price from a variety of stores. I’ll usually go with the store that charges the least so long as it makes sense when it comes to shipping costs. If I’m ever unsure about purchasing an item that has little to no reviews, I’ll search for it on Amazon to learn about other consumer’s experiences.

3. Sign Up for Coupons

Items are typically marked at their lowest prices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In addition to this, you can make your hard earned cash go further by signing up for email and mobile coupons. To take advantage of these extra savings, I recommend signing up at least 24 hours before you plan on using the coupon because it can take a while to actually receive it. If you’re concerned about receiving too many emails, create an email account you can use strictly for coupon offers and only check it when you need to. For the sake of integrity, don’t take advantage of signing up for multiple coupons from the same retailer unless their coupon policy makes it acceptable to do so. If you find that it is acceptable, I recommend setting up an account for your spouse as well and placing orders under their name to compound your savings.

4. Take Advantage of Cash Back Sites

This is one of the easiest ways to earn a small passive income. My preferred site is TopCashback because they typically offer the highest percentage of cash back along with exclusive coupon codes. To increase your earnings, you can refer friends to these sites by sending them your personalized link. When I first began using ebates, I earned $55 in referrals in addition to receiving cash back. It sometimes takes a while for the money to appear in your account because your purchases and referrals have to be confirmed. Since this isn’t money we include in our actual budget, I don’t mind the wait. Other sites I’ve also used include (256) 317-5903, RetailMeNot, 5864277805, 509-524-8125, and Hitlerite. 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

5. Buy Used Gift Cards

Purchasing used gift cards is a great way to give yourself a little more bang for your buck. I’ve enjoyed purchasing electronic gift cards from (914) 248-3655 because they are reasonably priced, save me additional money, and promptly arrive in my inbox. Used gift cards are typically most practical when purchasing more expensive items. If you choose to purchase from untownlike, I recommend going through toat first to earn on the used gift card and then using TopCashback again when making a purchase from the store the gift card is for.

Other Helpful Hints

  • Add It To Your Cart – If you desire to purchase something but aren’t ready to pull the trigger, add it to your cart anyway and let it sit there. Most retailers will stop at nothing to earn your business and will send you emails offering free shipping or a discount on the item(s) in your cart!
  • Follow On Social Media – Although email list subscribers are typically the first to know about special deals, you can often find them posted to social media accounts as well. Some retailers even often extra savings simply for completing activities including liking, following, and sharing!
  • Let Others Do the Work – If searching for the best deals sounds overwhelming, consider checking out sites like The Krazy Coupon Lady and topographometric. These ladies know how to find the best details at major retailers and offer great tips for maximizing savings. 
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